A bit about me....

My name is Kim Langham. I have a bachalors degree in elementary education. I taught 3rd grade at St. Vincents Catholic School before becoming a stay at home mother. I am currently at the University of South Alabama to renew my teaching certification so that I can return to the work force.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Smartboards are electronic whiteboards that can be used as a tool for teaching and presentations. Smartboards are a wonderful way to integrate technology into your curriculum. There are hundreds of free lessons available by subject, grade level, and curriculum standards that can be used with smartboards. What I like about using smartboards as a tool in the classroom is that it makes learning interactive. Students are eager to learn when they are more involved in the lessons. Smartboards are an easy fun way to incorporate a little or a lot of technology.

Itunes & ALEX

ITunes is a resource available to both teachers and students. Itunes is no longer just used for downloading music it has an educational value also. Teachers and students are incorporating it with education. Teachers are now able to post lectures, lab demos, audio books, and even lessons with the use of itunes. Students are using ITunes U to gain access about universities, lectures, and other educational resources ITunes is free and available for everyone. ITunes makes learning on the go fun and easier.

ALEX, Alabama Learning Exchange is a wonderful resource for teachers. It is a free resource available to administrators, teachers, and students. Teachers are able to search for lessons by grade level, subject, and topic. The lesson plan topics are easy to find and the Alabama course of study is available for each lesson. A varity of web links, professional learning tools, and personal workspace are all available to teachers.


Podcast is another great teaching tool. They are easily done and can be a lot of fun. Kids of all ages would enjoy producing a podcast or even listening to one on a certain topic for school. Podcast can tap into the student's creativity and even help those students who are shy or withdrawn. It can help build their self esteem. Teachers can use podcast in a lot of different ways in a variety of subject areas. Incorporating podcast into your classroom is just another way to make learning fun.


I am fairly new to the use of blogs, but I have come to see how beneficial they are. This would be a great way to incorporate technology into the classroom. I have learned a lot about technology just from using my own blog. It is a great source of communication between teacher and parent. Using blogs is a great way to keep up with the advancements in technology. There are a variety of ways to incorporate blogging into your classroom. Education videos, kid websites, student's work, and parent resources can all be incorporated with blogs. Teachers can use blogs to have students share their ideas or projects. It is a great tool to get students interested in writing. Blogging offers a creative outlet for students and it is free. Blogs are fun, exciting, and students are learning at the same time.